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January 10 2013


Curbstone material characteristics on six characteristics interpretation and qualified index

Curbstone material characteristics on six characteristics interpretation and qualified index
Qualified granite slab, should achieve four physical performance indicators
Bulk density ≧ 2.56 g/cm3
Bibulous rate is ≦ 0.60%
Dry degree of compression (resistance) ≧ 100 mpa
The bending degree (buckling resistance) ≧ 8.0 MPa
Qualified marble slab, should achieve four physical performance indicators
Bulk density ≧ 2.60 g/cm3
Bibulous rate is ≦ 0.5%
Dry degree of compression (resistance) ≧ fifty mpa
The bending degree (buckling resistance) ≧ 7.0 MPa
What is compression strength, resistance of curbstone material?
Compressive strength is refers to the rock in the unidirectional compression case resistance ability damage.

The size of the compressive strength of the rock said hard degree.
Compression strength with MPa said, 1 MPa = 10.2 kg/c ㎡ (KGF/cm2)
A standard atmospheric pressure = 760 MMHG = 76 cm mercury column = 1.013 x 105 PASCAL = 10.336 meters water

In order to ensure standard atmosphere is a constant value, in 1954 the tenth international measurement

assembly resolution statement, regulation standard atmospheric pressure value is 1 standard atmosphere = 101325

Newton/m 2
Press the "JC205-92 natural granite building plank" standard, dry compression strength not less than 60.0 MPa.
Press the "JC79-92 natural marble building plank" standard, marble dry compression strength not less than 20.0

Generally speaking granite compression strength in the 110-245 mpa between, marble compression strength in

between 70 ~ 110 mpa
What is the bending strength, curbstone buckling resistance?
Bending strength before is equivalent to the "bending capacity, refers to a certain specifications of facing

plank in two point on the ability of resistance to fracture.
curbstone bending strength than the compressive strength is low, the test is about 1/14 ~ 1/8 of compression

strength. General draw compression strength can be roughly speculated that the bending strength. General

bending strength, the plate is not easy to fracture.
Press the "JC205-92 natural granite building plank" standard, bending strength not less than 8.0 MPa, press

"JC79-92 natural marble building plank" standard, the bending strength is not less than 7 MPa
Such as granite CenXiGong bending strength is 23.56 MPa, marble dandong green bending strength is 8.57 MPa.
What is the curbstone volume density and bibulous rate?
Volume density of curbstone material quality and the ratio of volume. The proportion of rock density said, let

major, in saw, grinding, polishing, cutting and processing in the process to have higher stability.
Water absorption rate is refers to the curbstone water absorbing capacity, reflecting the curbstone material

contained within the pore number, size and distribution and connected situation.
Rock bibulous rate is generally < 1.5%, < 0.5% can be regarded as resistance to weathering performance is good,

frost resistance or don't do frost resistance test.
What is the gloss?
Gloss is evaluation facing curbstone quality one of the important contents of, in addition to the design and

color and variety, it is the user to measure the quality of curbstone material according to the.
Press the "JC79-92 natural marble building plank" standard, marble mirror plate according to the chemical

principal component is different, glossiness minimum requirements (product) are not less than 70 and, and

luster unit.
Press the "JC205-92 natural granite building plank", glossiness minimum requirements shall not be less than 75

gloss unit.

January 05 2013


Natural Curbstone material characteristics and advantage analysis

Natural Curbstone material characteristics and advantage analysis

Curbstone is a kind of high-grade building decoration materials, mainly is the adornment effect, Curbstone material is the earliest human

development history of building materials, there are tens of thousands of years of history, because of its natural beauty, decorated with

human of indoor and outdoor environment, in the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign construction
History has left a lot of Curbstone building work.
1. The fire resistance
All kinds of Curbstone material is different, some Curbstone in high temperature, under the action of chemical decomposition happened.
(1) gypsum: more than 107 C in the decomposition.
(2) the limeCurbstone, marble: more than 910 c in the decomposition.
(3) granite: in 600 C due to uneven heating of mineral and crack.
2. Frost resistance
To degrees below zero and in frozen, internal pore water expansion than original volume big 1/10, rock if can't resist this expansion force

of what had happened, they will be failure. A prajna bibulous rate is less than 0.5%, they did not consider the frost resistance
3. Expansion and contraction
Curbstone material is also heat bilges cold shrink, but if heated after cooling, the contraction can't reply to the original volume, and will

keep part of the permanent inflation; The United States Arsenal have test by 00 c to 1000 c, then to 00 c, measure permanent expansion

increased degree
0.02 - O. 045%.
4. Compressive strength
Of Curbstone material compressive strength due to mineral composition, crystalline degree of finish, the uniformity of cementing material,

load area, load effect and cleavage to factors such as the Angle, and different. If other conditions are the same, usually crystal grain size

is very fine and each other a bond
The density of the material, with high strength. Dense volcanic rocks in the dry and saturated moisture content, compressive strength and no

difference (bibulous rate is very low), if is porous and afraid of water, and the dry cement rock and damp the strength, there is significant

Building decorative Curbstone material is natural Curbstone and artificial Curbstone two categories, and natural Curbstone material is given

priority to, it is a kind of advanced decorative materials, mainly used for adornment grade demanding engineering, artificial Curbstone

belongs to low grades of decoration materials, only in the medium and low grade of interior decoration engineering.
The so-called marble is refers to the deposit or bad carbonate rock, marble, dolomite, limestone, sandstone, shale and SLATE, etc. As China's

famous white marble is Beijing fang shan magmatic produce of dolomite, yunnan marble is produced in large
In the marble, the famous dandong green is serpentine change silicon card rock. Also, as a Curbstone production all kinds of magmatic rock,

such as granite, andesite, diabase, green long rock and gneiss etc called granite. Such as Beijing white tiger gorge white flowers
The Curbstone is granite, jinan blue is gabbro, and Qingdao black granite is diabase.
Artificial Curbstone is a kind of synthetic decoration materials. According to the binder is different, can be divided into organic kind of

artificial Curbstone and inorganic kind of artificial Curbstone two kinds. According to the production process of a different process, and

can be divided into polyester type artificial marble, composite
Type artificial marble, silicic acid salt type artificial marble, sintering type artificial marble four types.
Marble is a little blue, also called BingNa G654. The little blue for the pingnan road development under a development of the new Curbstone

products in small sapphire Curbstone with small blue SPAR point is also called "blue star light". And because like import "rime ice flowers",

so it is the domestic "rime ice flowers" reputation. Mainly used for exterior wall, mesa, outdoor plaza (fire board). Is a building

decoration market four kinds of artificial decoration materials, organic class (polyester), the most common thing science, chemical

properties are the best.
Curbstone, kerbstone

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