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The introduction of black granite

The introduction of black granite
Basalt is black granite is one of the important types of rocks. Color is more black or to black, fine grained dense block. The compressive strength of about 3500-5000 kg/cm2, has the strong acid, anti-wear, compressive, insulation performance. Basalt is a widely distributed in China, almost all geological age has output. Famous brand such as fuding black. Fujian fuding basalt ore national rare quality black granite basalt ore, stone material processing enterprises, more than 500 years of mining capacity of nearly 100000 m3. Orderly development, comprehensive utilization is the main direction of its sustainable development. Only when other varieties such as Mongolia black, etc. In addition, yunnan, heilongjiang of basalt stone mining also or are to be developed.
Gabbro is black granite important rock type, the color is black, the color is pure. Part of the white black flowers, stone varieties such as forest green (hebei, henan). Rock species mainly gabbro, diabase. However, from commercial purpose attribute to see, they are all in the naming of granite. Basalt is effusive rock, the color is more deep. Contains mineral particle uniform, fine, general visual to pick out varieties, even use a magnifying glass is not easy to distinguish. Basalt is the most widely distribution of igneous rock. Most of the basalt in volcanic eruptions, magma spurt in cold air, as lava flow rapidly solidified formation. Some basalt is intrusive rock, volcanic eruption, the lava not belch surface, in the earth's interior to meet cold coagulation.
Diabase, base sex intrusive rock light into phase rock, China is the black granite important rock type. Black granite brand such as taibai green. Taibai green also called shanxi black, in Japan that night rose, but with South African black, India black comparable, even is better than them. According to research, shanxi black main rock types are diabase, the so-called shanxi black A. In China, the best quality black granite is shanxi black A level, and the price is higher than any India produce of black high-grade granite to high. Shanxi black A contains the actual mineral composition: plagioclase 50%, multiple twin development; General - volatile augite 35%; A small amount of feldspar, about 5% or so, A small amount of mineral have amphibole, black mica, titanium magnetite, etc. According to the structure can be divided into the big flower, flower and fine spend three brand, and to the fine flower optimal. Similar varieties, and jiangsu heihe hebei PingShan evergreen, etc. Some shanxi black plate ground surface have some golden small point. Many manufacturers don't like it, so the quality of the plate price will be relatively low some. If you like this with a gold point black stone, and the price is reasonable, quality inspection qualified, no dye, then you will buy very economical. When you sell is shanxi black B level, you have to be very careful. It is not for export, because its surface grinding after photometric is bad, in a foreign country is not widely used.
About pure black hemp first error: all the pure black hemp granite is the same kind of material. But it's not, they may be in color, quality and price are very different.
For pure black hemp, as we all know is Sutareboda, a Swedish produce of black granite. This kind of mineral development for several years. In general, Sweden's most famous black granite is a named ebony stone. This kind of stone material hardness is very strong, high durability. After polishing, with a hammer and chisel hammer can send the metal clank. Of course this kind of stone is very expensive.
In 1962, South Africa deep black first from South Africa are exported to Italy, then the granite is called Nero Assoluto, Italian translation is pure black. Alternative name: South Africa ebony, South Africa black and prairie. South Africa produce granite many are rich in mineral small particles that looks and Canada produce of Cambrian black very similar, and those less black rock some mineral crystal, shining with the light of the silvery white like stars.
In the 1860 s, from Italy, Angola, China, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe and some other countries mining black granite is commonly called Nero Assoluto. So, unless the government has a particular characteristics, or you see a stone may come from any country.
In choosing chinese-made black granite rock, you have to be very careful, although these black granite because of its low price before a few years popular. However, the black granite may contain not pure color, some illegal manufacturers or processing chamber of commerce with oil or some other stain to cover these defects.
This approach can lead to granite faded, and the correct polishing is not. Cause the cause of fade it is stain or oil resolve. But the only solution is to polish the surface, but this method is very high cost. In order granite plate, want to know whether the color highlights, you can use the following method: take a clean piece of cloth, but some acetone in the granite surface, was wiping. If there is any residue or black appeared in the surface, that means the granite is the highlights color.
India in the 1860 s export high-grade pure black granite, to 70 s, in some memorable buildings, India pure black granite has been widely used, the big board exports also has increased dramatically. Best quality, reasonable price of pure black granite comes from the southern India. However, the granite some very delicate, such as bar man black, in some engineering use to take care of the protective measures, even kitchen table panel will be scratches or wear.
Overall, comes from the Warrangal area of pure black granite in color purity and hardness are quite good, polishing is very beautiful, can keep for a long time. Other origin such as Thai milner all region's big MaPiaoLi and Wallace tuor, antara pu pull ShiBang emperor of steam diagram, mann, bangalore camp near the karnak pula produce pure black granite is generally intermediate or high-grade.

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