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The difference between marble and granite

The difference between marble and granite
Is the recrystallization of limestone, limestone in high temperature under high pressure become soft, and contains minerals in change to crystallization marble. The main component is calcium and dolomite, color many, usually have obvious pattern, many mineral grains. Marble pass is in high temperature and high pressure and mineral composite action by a kind of stone natural metamorphic into another kind of stone. Qualitative change may be recrystallization, texture change or color change, grain for pattern. Mohs hardness in 2.5 to 5 between, hardness is soft, suitable for metope and decoration.
Is mainly composed of quartz (35%), feldspar (45%) and potassium formation, generally for deep color. Calcite even contain also very few. It is very hard, than marble maintenance to easy, but there are still holes, which can generate a blur. According to the quartz, mica and feldspar mix ratio of columns, granite is divided into different types. Black granite is calcium feldspar, quartz, feldspar contains few, its composition is different from real granite. In the granite stone of decorative pattern for the performance of the banded or nodular, suitable to the ground.
Radiation: marble granite is smaller than the radiation.

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