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Stone trade group of the United States mesa summary

Stone trade group of the United States mesa summary
Today by me to you a little about the American table panel general situation
The first is the classification of customers are basically three kinds of supermarket wholesalers and engineering contractor
The supermarket customers are mainly purchase toilet washstand and is installed with ceramic bowl together
Packing in cartons a carton and then into wood holder is usually walk forty feet large tank common width is 19 and 22 inches in length,31,37,43,49,61 25. Edge processing is generally ordinary straight edge, 1 long 1 short, then match 4 damper. Backboard and side baffle each a piece of another chamfer 61 are two other are one and the supporting installation of ceramic bowl
Generally a forty feet cabinet probably can hold 260 pieces this kind of product price is generally by set to quote
The guest consulting more is 682, blackish green linen, the drill.
The supermarket class customer do relatively successful is warburg you can go to their web site more about some information
Then say is wholesaler customers in the United States and China have building materials city local wholesaler usually two kinds to Chinese imports a large plate is mainly used for customization
Another is the standard bedplate standard mesa including countertop, island top, bar top
Countertop kitchen mesa is common size is 98 x25, 108 x25 edge processing is generally all bull nose edge, a long and short, then is 4 damper
Island top island plate sometimes I also understand for their table processing and kitchen mesa is consistent but is four side will processing not baffle common specification is 96 x36 ", 108 x36 "bar top is it bedplate common width is 16" is 4 side edge processing
Last year I also contact to the joint - countertop combination bedplate 78 "x25 two pieces of splicing up into L complex combination bedplate that is engineering single customer will require standard bedplate packing is packed in wooden cases 10-15 piece of a wooden case if you need to develop this kind of customer quotation can according to these size to quote wholesaler customers will cheap domestic granite more varieties to name a few is the American customers anyway is like yellow and black green you can according to their own advantages to offer next is engineering single customer and then the next step is to engineering single customer this kind of customers are generally will send drawings let us offer customize custom engineering single is actually very simple is see drawings to offer this should everyone! I will not say specific case can talk about
I generally said that at present the change of some engineering single it before two years words is generally will use 2 cm of the bedplate and then by using the superposition layer edge processing is 2 cm + 2 cm of that kind of but in some engineering single customer to switch to 3 cm of the bedplate 2 cm only be used in the baffle the but in some engineering single customer to switch to 3 cm of the bedplate 2 cm only be used in the main board is a complicated combination bedplate need to pay attention to some places a lot of combination bedplate length is more than 110 "general this kind of situation we must advise their customers back stick nets and play steel bar is mainly because plate is too long and want to dig holes easily broken is not only in the process of production sometimes in loading and unloading of the terminal will be prone to break so if meet this kind of list is best advice the client back stick nets and play steel bar I now client is as long as do combinations countertops have grooving that one must be posted net and playing steel bar you can according to the actual conditions and customers to negotiate this
Engineering single about such is the case
There is a packaging problem I mention
General do engineering single will require the goods to the destination door is residential area and the kind of place it is difficult to use large truck so you in and factory orders must be strictly control the weight of the box and the height of the floor beam
Basically weight not more than 1.8 tons of floor beam height control in 9 cm
This is my guest feedback to my information

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